Joe Galloro is the CEO of Grajen Homes has been around construction sites since the age of 10, working with family and friends doing all types of construction work. Having learned the building trade by the time he was 18, he was ready to venture out on his own and landed his first renovation job.

In the 1970s, Joe’s growth in the construction industry took him from renovations to custom built homes, and later on into building communities throughout Southern Ontario. One thing is for certain, Joe’s creativity is constantly flowing and his love for building a beautiful home is found in every build. With his roots firmly planted in custom homes, you will rarely find two homes alike. Although the model may be the same, the features and layout of the home will always be unique.

As a family man, Joe feels a great sense of pride knowing his creativity and hard work supported his family and its growth. His wife Donna, children Grace, Jennifer, and Paul, and his granddaughter Isabella are also very proud of him and grateful for all of his accomplishments.


Working along side Joe for over a decade, Jennifer has followed the path created by her father and is infusing her passion for design into Grajen Homes. As both the COO of Grajen Homes and an Independant Real Estate Agent, what she enjoys most is seeing a vacant land turn into a vibrant community of homeowners who take pride in their home.

Every community Jennifer has helped build holds a special place in her heart with each community having its own personality. Much like Joe, Jennifer loves to design a home that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. With every build she’s constantly looking for ways to improve the livability of the home and is always on the look out of the best materials.

As Jennifer continues the Grajen Homes tradition, she envisions a future of flourishing neighbourhoods and communities living in beautiful homes that will hold many memories for years to come.

Grajen Homes

In 1974, Joe built his first home − a brand-new 1,200 sq. ft., 3-bedroom home in mid-town Toronto. After a decade of building homes around the city, Joe took his experience the next level by building custom built homes in Richmond Hill.

Another decade passed and Joe was ready to expand his vision further, building small communities of custom built homes in Cobourg and Sarnia and eventually expanding into Oshawa, Newcastle, Lindsay, and Innisfil.

Grajen Homes is a family-operated business, building homes with elegance and functionality at front of mind. The models of Grajen Homes are given unique names inspired by gemstones, because just like a precious stone, each of our homes are unique, elegant, and built to last a lifetime. It is not lightly that we’ve chosen to include the “of Excellence” to follow our name!


The essence of Grajen Homes is impeccable quality. Our mission is to have every homeowner feel proud and genuinely happy to make a Grajen Home the place where memories are made. We’re constantly striving for excellence and seek out the highest quality products, supplies, and craftsmanship to meet the high standards of our name.

Our Commitment
To You

Right from the beginning, we’re with you every step of the way. You’re more than just a customer to us—when you invest in a Grajen Home, you become part of a flourishing community and enter into a family of proud homeowners. Our comminutes are beyond compare, and although you may select a similar model to others in your community, we’ll work with you to customize your home and make your dream home a reality.

We pride ourselves in our high quality homes and for that reason you will always find Jennifer or Joe supporting our homeowners or working directly with our tradespeople to ensure our quality standards are met and exceeded.

We meticulously follow the Tarion Warranty Corporation’s guidelines to ensure completion of each house to your complete satisfaction. We’re proud of our record with the Tarion, having a zero “Chargeable Conciliations” since the inception of the plan over 40 years ago.